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5 Sandy Springs Cyber Security Tips to Protect Business Data

5 Essential Sandy Springs Cyber Security Tips: Boost Your Business Defenses and Protect Your Digital Assets from Cyberattacks

In Sandy Springs, cyber security should be on every business owner’s mind. Your business is vulnerable to cyberattacks. But there are steps you can take to protect your business. Check out these five essential tips to keep your business safe from the threat of cybercriminals. If one thing is clear about the modern business landscape, information security has reached a whole new level of importance.

Network security has never been more relevant to the health and profitability of organizations in every industry. Considering this fact, reliable cyber security is crucial. But what does this mean for your business or organization? How can you best protect your business and data from potential external threats? We have the answers to your questions. So, keep reading for a list of five network security tips you need to support your IT security.


Tip #1: Encrypt All Data to Increase Network Security

It is imperative to encrypt all sensitive data. If compromised, unencrypted data leaves your organization vulnerable to theft. Encrypted data ensures that no one can steal your valuable information. That is one reason encryption has become such a common and critical tool for large and small businesses. By encrypting data, businesses protect it from prying data thieves. Our Sandy Springs cyber security professionals can put data encryption technology in place to secure your network.

Tip #2: Limit User Access to Data

Permit team members access to only the data they need to increase your data security. When employees only have the access necessary to perform their duties, you lower the risk of unintentional human error causing system-wide damage. Not only does limiting user access help prevent massive network damage, but it also minimizes the infiltration of sensitive data.

Every business would like to avoid data exposure and security breaches. But to do that, most businesses need to start with an audit of their current user access permissions. Knowing how much data access is too much and who has access to what is essential. Jude Technology performs user access audits to help local businesses develop more secure data policies.

Tip #3: Engage in Strong Password Practices Company-Wide in Sandy Springs

A strong password is a key to preventing data theft through external hacks and infiltrations via phishing scams. But are your employees doing a decent job creating strong passwords? Unfortunately, most people’s passwords are notoriously easy to crack. That is because passwords are typically a combination of personal details.

Weak Passwords Often Include Personal Details

It is best to leave any personal details out when creating a password. Strong passwords include lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols in unusual combinations. Also, long password phrases are a challenge for cyber-criminals to guess. So, create longer and more random passwords for better security.

Tip #4: Use Two-Factor Authentication for Data Access

While two-factor authentication is not foolproof, it is a powerful security tool. It helps you prevent unauthorized access to systems and data. However, two-factoring requires an extra step beyond what is typically necessary for login purposes. So, suppose someone has your company passwords. Gaining access to company data is impossible without additional information to complete the login process. The additional information can be a time-sensitive code. Commonly, it is a random alphanumeric sequence sent via email or SMS, then input to complete the login. Authenticator apps can also generate similar codes.

Tip #5: Keep Your Software Updates Up to Date

Timely installation of software updates is critical. This basic task is probably more critical than you think. Software manufacturer updates protect systems from the latest cybersecurity threats. Along with the latest security measures, updates can install patches to correct significant program issues. They can also provide additional protection by detecting and repairing software bugs. However, these security measures only protect your business if you install them.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to complete this fundamental security practice. Regularly installing manufacturer software updates keeps systems up to date, increases network security, and reduces the data breach risk.

Do Not Leave Your Business in Sandy Springs Cyber Security Vulnerable

Businesses should establish a cybersecurity protection plan. But suppose you do not have a plan in place? Any business can improve its security by following our five tips for starters. Doing so will lay the foundation for a solid cybersecurity plan. However, other measures will be necessary to protect business data from ever-changing threats.

For optimal security, businesses need cyber support to arrive at a customized plan. All it takes is one mistake or security lapse to put an entire company at risk. So, make sure you take control of your security efforts by contacting a reputable Sandy Springs cyber security firm.

Turn to Jude Technology IT Consultants to Boost Your Cybersecurity in Sandy Springs

Do not let your business continue playing a never-ending cat-and-mouse game of cybersecurity. Jude Technology knows how to stay ahead of cybercriminals for the last time. So let us boost your defenses and protect your digital assets and business data. We believe in keeping things simple, communication, training, planning, and budgeting. Jude Technology is the IT solutions company built to accommodate your business needs.

To learn more about Jude Technology’s managed Sandy Springs cyber security services, please reach out to us. Call (470)-731-JUDE-(5833) to speak with a Sandy Springs cyber security expert today or schedule a free consultation online. We are here for you and your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week with affordable IT managed services.