About Us

About Jude Technology

Learn more about the passion and expertise behind Jude Technology. We provide commercial-quality IT products so businesses and public sector organizations can transform by leveraging advanced tech solutions.

Your business or organization deserves the same level of technology as a Fortune 500 company. At Jude Technology, we exist to make that goal a reality. Our experts transform businesses and public sector organizations by helping them leverage advanced technology solutions.

No more shopping from the big box stores, crossing your fingers, and hoping everything works out. When you partner with Jude Technology, you can feel confident and secure in your IT solutions.

Our Mission

Integrity. Accountability. Advocacy

If you feel like you are continually putting out fires due to ineffective IT services, it's time to discover a better way. A partner who you can trust, someone who stands behind your recommendations. Your business technology should run smoothly and efficiently without the frustrating disruptions that keep your business from operating optimally.

Jude Technology believes your business or organization should have the same level of technology as the most successful Fortune 500 company.

That's why we are dedicated to serving small-to-mid-sized businesses and public sector organizations with customized IT solutions that help you do what you do better. We have broad experience being a trusted partner and an advisor.

Bringing Years of IT
Experience to Your Business

You shouldn’t trust just any IT partner. Jude Technology Owner John Encisco brings extensive experience in the IT industry to your organization. From his early days as an Apple consultant and owner of multi-service IT support companies to a trusted consultative IT sales professional, John has a unique combination of knowledge and hands-on experience to guide your business in the right direction.

He started Jude Technology to fill in the gap for businesses that don’t want to settle for ineffective IT or continual technology disruptions. John believes in taking a proactive approach to IT services, helping businesses establish robust, dependable tech solutions so they don’t experience problems in the first place. With a carefully selected team of IT professionals, John helps businesses and organizations of any size compete at a higher level.

Why Choose Jude Technology
as Your IT Partner

When you work with John and his team at Jude Technology, your business will benefit from an elevated approach to client care and problem-solving that prevents the typical IT pitfalls businesses like yours commonly experience. When nobody else knows how to handle an IT problem, John and the team have the answers.

At Jude Technology, we are committed to helping your business do what you do better and more efficiently with the specific IT solutions you need to grow and succeed.