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Marietta IT Managed Services Essential Remote Work Tools

Marietta IT Managed Services Providers Create Custom Tech Solutions for Businesses

Marietta IT managed services company, Jude Technology, offers IT consulting and technology support services. We customize tech solutions and systems for businesses in Marietta, GA. We assess, monitor, and manage IT performance twenty-four hours a day. Because business owners and their employees want quick resolutions to their IT concerns we are attentive. We offer a seamless Marietta IT managed services experience. As a result, we provide optimal technology that performs without disrupting operations. We customize services to meet your needs, from IT maintenance to data backups to critical updates and cyber security.

Work from Home Employees Have Unique Business Technology and IT Support Needs

With the pandemic, remote work allows businesses to continue to work. As a result, business owners all over Cobb County and around the world have more work from home employees. Incorporating more remote work and fewer office hours creates new IT challenges. Today, more than ever, business owners and managers are trying to learn about remote worker enablement. Business owners ask Marietta IT managed services professionals how best to ensure work from home employees are productive. Perhaps your entire workforce now works from home. Or maybe you are transitioning your employees into a remote workforce to cut overhead costs. Either way, knowing how to arm your employees for success is critical.

Marietta IT Managed Services Consultants Recommend the Essential Tools for Remote Employees

Business owners need people on their payroll to be productive. As much as you would like to, you know you cannot afford to pay unproductive employees long-term. With the growing number of WFH employees, businesses are searching for ways to get output comparable to in-office work. The goal is to increase the productivity of work from home employees. Ideally, a remote workforce can work smarter and be happier, achieving a healthy work-life balance and greater job satisfaction. The good news is that it is easier than ever to ensure your remote employees can do their jobs. The bottom line is that employees must have IT tools that work at their fingertips.

Business owners need to know what technology work from home (WFH) employees need. Here are our technology recommendations to keep your remote workers productive, efficient, and successful. With Marietta IT managed services experts, you can ensure your remote employees are productive, no matter where they are. Now, learn more about the tech tools and IT support your WFH employees need to thrive.


Top 6 Fundamental Technology Requirements Businesses Must Provide Remote Workers

Some employee tech tools may be specific to your industry. But there are some fundamental technology requirements that Marietta IT managed services pros recommend. These are the top six tools your WFH employees need to do their best.

1. Commercial-Grade Laptop or Desktop

2. Large Computer Display or Displays

3. Wireless or Bluetooth Comfortable, Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

4. Docking Station for Laptop to Enable Quick Connect and Disconnect from Peripherals

5. HD Camera Above the Display for Seamless Video Calls

6. High-Quality Headset with Noise Cancellation Capabilities and Microphone

Add to a Solid Remote Technology Foundation

With these six essential tech tools in place, the remote workforce will have a solid IT foundation. From there, incorporate other solutions and systems to enhance efficiency and cyber security. Our Marietta IT managed services experts can help you create an ideal work-from-home environment. You will be able to ensure your team can work securely—anywhere, anytime, and from the device of their choice. Keep in mind, these six tools are only the work from home tech basics. Without these tools, it is safe to say your employees will not do their remote jobs well. It is also helpful to survey your employees to find out what type of high-speed internet they have at home. At least a 50 Mb download speed and upload speed will run business voice and video calls.

3 Ways to Enable and Support Remote Employees with Cloud-Based IT Solutions

Your business tech must enable your company to deliver an excellent experience to both employees and customers. It is impossible to be an industry leader with outdated, ineffective technology. The right IT hardware like computers, displays, and cameras are critical. However, in addition, it is time to begin transitioning to cloud-based IT. Here are three simple ways companies can enhance the employee and customer experience in the cloud.

#1: Move to Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) as a Service enables you to move your phone system to the cloud. So, make the move with the guidance of Marietta managed IT services from Jude Technology. By replacing your outdated phone system, you can leverage all the benefits UC has to offer, including:

#2: Move the Employee Desktop Workspace to the Cloud

Transitioning employee workspaces to the cloud means employees will have full access to all the data they need anytime, anywhere. What’s more, you’ll help your company gain a competitive edge. We are currently in the middle of a mobile working revolution. Simply put, the companies that don’t adapt will fall behind. More and more apps and data solutions are in the cloud. So, it makes sense to act now. Better to be at the forefront of your industry than left behind.

#3: Move the Customer Service Contact Center to the Cloud

Do you have a customer contact center or help desk on-site? If so, there might be a more secure solution. For example, moving these services to the cloud enhances security and accessibility. Your remote employees will be able to support customers and clients from wherever they work. For many companies, moving to a cloud-based contact center improves customer satisfaction. It might be the secret to taking your customer experience to the next level. Moreover, our managed services can transition your business to cloud-based tech systems.

Let Us Help You Equip Your Remote Employees for Success

If you need help with your business’s work-from-home technology plan, we can help. Jude Technology has partnerships with more than two hundred business tech carriers and cloud-based providers. Whether you need new laptops or are ready to move to the cloud, we have the expertise to guide you. And remote worker enablement services are among our specialties. Connect with Jude Technology today to schedule a meeting. Call (470)-731-JUDE-(5833).