As the workplace has become more and more distributed

It’s paramount that organizations ensure employees are able to effectively communicate with management, peers, partners and customers. Since employees may no longer be in the office five days a week, they won’t have the opportunity to collaborate with their team members face-to-face. For some this may result in employees becoming disengaged or worse.

While technology cannot address cultural issues an organization may face, it can provide the vehicle for more intimate engagement and interaction.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, many employers sent their teams home with cell phones. While that may have bridged the gap in the short term, this strategy will not be effective long term.

First of all, runaway mobility costs are impacting the bottom line. Organizations are just now catching up with unplanned expenses for carrier overage charges. Business owners should take a proactive approach to ensure the organization is utilizing the most cost effective voice and data plans to support their business. And if they opted for a BYOD model, they should develop a plan to efficiently reimburse their staff without an additional burden to individual team members or the accounting team.

In recent years organizations have invested in on premise solutions to enhance customer experience via contact centers that provide omni channel capabilities and more. While some were able to adapt once contact center staff moved to their home offices, many organizations are still working to develop a long-term unified communication strategy. They must implement the solutions which will allow agents to communicate at any point in the customer journey in the manner which the customer prefers – chat, email, voice or video.

Jude Technology partners with leading Unified Communications (UCaaS) and Contact Center (CCaaS) providers to identify and implement the right solution for organizations of all sizes and across industries.

  • Room based systems to include the correct audio-visual systems with speaker tracking cameras, video displays that can be wirelessly accessed and audio that eliminates feedback and background noise.
  • Home-based solutions that have features and functions on par with room based systems.
  • Cloud based voice and video conferencing systems from leading providers that provide simple to use solutions.
  • Podcast systems for individual or corporate use to include cameras, video switches, audio mixers, microphones and more.

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