Consulting Services

Consulting Services

At Jude Technology we take time to understand our clients’ organizations.

While two companies may seem similar on paper – the same industry, similar employee count and revenues – they can have dramatically different business needs and priorities. Perhaps one client has been in business for decades and is struggling to adapt to changing market dynamics. Another may be a start-up who needs to find a way to invest in technology in the most cost effective manner, while delivering the greatest impact.

Our initial business discovery is at no charge. We will interview your organization’s key stakeholders to understand the current state. What works, what doesn’t, what is working but could use some improvement? How does your current technology posture enable or prohibit your business operations and growth?

You may have existing systems or software solutions that require a deeper analysis. If you have documentation or you have a subject matter expert who is able to provide additional detail that is ideal. If however, you do not know what you have or where to begin, we may propose a thorough discovery process for a fee.

Next we’d like to understand where your business is going. What is our short and long term strategy? What capabilities do you need to acquire in order to meet your desired business outcomes?

At this point it may be helpful for us to walk through potential “what-if” scenarios.

This will help us better align with your expectations.

We’ll then engage in the problem-solving phase of the process. We’ll work with our network of solutions providers, solution architects and more to craft the right solution to meet your objectives. The solution may include hardware, software, services or cloud capabilities. We may even help you find a way to comfortably invest in the solution via an as a service (XaaS) model instead of requiring you to make a large capital investment.

From there we can draft a proposal with the requisite solution, investment, timeline and expected outcomes. Depending on the complexity of the solution, we may include requirements for additional discovery or for a proof of concept your journey.

Once the solution is implemented, we can assist with the ongoing maintenance and operation. From here, the consultative process repeats – as your business continues to grow and change we will be available as your strategic, trusted partner to guide you along your journey. 

We’d be delighted to schedule an initial consultation to determine how we can best serve you in meeting your business needs.

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