End User Device & Mobility

End User Device & Mobility

The events of the past year have accelerated the trend towards remote and hybrid work environments.

Organizations and employees alike have learned that they can be as or more productive working remotely as when in the office.

While 100% remote or Work from Home (WFH) may have been short lived, there is no doubt that remote and hybrid work is here to stay. A recent PWC survey informs us that 55% of employees would prefer to remotely at least three days per week, while 83% of employers acknowledge the shift to remote work has been successful.

It’s more critical than ever that employers evaluate and improve employee experience (EX), which often includes end user device and mobility, in order to remain relevant and competitive in the market place. A comprehensive and holistic approach provides employers and employees with a number of benefits.

  • Attract and retain the best talent. A recent Forbes article reports that “74% of professionals expect remote work to become standard” and that “Remote work is the biggest draw for talent.”
  • The right technology allows employees to be more productive and improves their overall job satisfaction.
  • The right technology and operational support plans help minimize and eliminate business disruptions due to technical outages.
  • End user devices and mobility can either enhance or diminish employee experience, which in turn will impact customer experience. CIO Magazine reports “Companies with great EX outperform the S&P Index by 122 percent and are 21 percent more profitable than those with low workforce engagement score.”

End user device and mobility is more than a laptop and cell phone.

Employees need to have reliable and secure systems that make enable them to focus on their job and not on the technology. This can include a home office setup that rivals the best corporate environments. Multiple displays, docking stations, high definition cameras for video conferencing and more.

Furthermore, the workplace has become increasingly diverse. End user expectations and needs can vary due to generational, cultural or educational differences. Employers must be flexible in order to meet the unique needs of individual workers, while providing a cohesive and secure environment to protect corporate data and systems.

For staff that require persistent and reliable connectivity to on premise systems, organizations may wish to extend the corporate WAN to the users home office with available SD-WAN capabilities. This can include executives or even the CFO or controller who work with sensitive financial information.

And don’t forget customer experience (CX) agents. They need to have reliable and low latency connections in order to provide exceptional customer service to your clients. They need more than just a cell phone or a USB headset. Noise cancelling headsets or even a physical desk phone may help them become more productive and efficient.

Please allow us to provide a comprehensive solution that can dramatically improve your business operations, business continuity and employee experience.

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