Technology As A Service

Technology as a Service (TaaS)

Smart, simple, scalable solutions to power your business

Delivering Unique Value to
Your Organization

You understand technology is critical to the success of your business. The challenge is to provide the right technology to your team in a consistent, cost-effective manner.

Technology as a Service provides a comprehensive, flexible solution that bundles hardware, software and services into a single, predictable subscription. Best of all, this solution can grow as your business grows - simply add more systems to your subscription as business demands.

TaaS Benefits and Features

Are you challenged with providing the right IT solutions to your team?

TaaS allows you to transition your IT spend to a recurring refresh cycle — deploying the latest technology at a regular interval — improving your employees’ productivity and experience.

Are you frustrated with unexpected expenses and downtime to repair or replace systems due to failure or obsolescence?

TaaS provides a predictable operating cost model to help you better manager your business.

And, we include extended/enhanced warranties with on site support and options for accidental damage. You can be assured that you won’t have to deal with costly repairs during the life of the subscription.

Are you tired of cobbling together a DIY solution? Do you wish you had a complete IT solution to meet your specific business needs?

A unique value of TaaS from Jude Technology is we can customize the solution, you are not locked into prepackaged offerings. This includes name brand business systems — desktops, laptops, displays and accessories — to fully complete your end-user’s work environment. We can also include audio-video components if you are building a podcast system for your creative team.

Are you opposed to typical lease contracts?

TaaS is not 0% financing or a leasing agreement, it is a Technology Utilization Agreement that allows you to deploy and utilize a solution for a defined period. You will only be financially responsible for the depreciated value over the subscription period, plus financing cost. Nor is TaaS a short-term rental program, it is designed to support a 24 month minimum term.

Do you have obsolete IT equipment cluttering your office?

TaaS includes IT Asset Disposal (ITAD). The end of the subscription term will be completed with the return of the hardware, which will be disposed of in a secure and environmentally responsible manner. No more out dated IT systems cluttering your office space.

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